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Black sphere

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Black sphere
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Gavilar Kholin, the former king of Alethkar on Roshar, possessed several unusual black spheres. Gavilar had access to an unknown number of these spheres.[1]


Gavilar gives a sphere to Eshonai on the day of his assassination and tells her to give it to the Five after a conversation about Parshmen and Parshendi.[2] The sphere given to Eshonai is described as having a dark yet faintly violet glow that she seems to believe is Voidlight.[2]

Later that day, Gavilar gives Szeth a similar black sphere at the end of their fatal duel.[3] The sphere given to Szeth is described as small, crystalline, tied to a chain, and glowing with a black light that Szeth has not seen before.[3] Gavilar says that Szeth must take the sphere so that "they" do not get hold of it; it is unclear to whom he is referring.[3] Szeth later hid the sphere in Jah Keved.[4]

Brandon has confirmed that both of these spheres contained the same thing.[5]

Other mentions[edit]

At the Battle of Thaylen Field, Dalinar Kholin traps the Unmade named Nergaoul in the King's Drop ruby[6] which subsequently glows with a dark, bizarre light.[7] Navani Kholin says it reminds her of a sphere that Gavilar had.[7] Navani does not appear to be aware that there was more than one sphere; she also believes that Gavilar "made" the sphere she saw.[7]


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Brandon has not explicitly confirmed what the black spheres contain. He has said that the sphere's light is different from Stormlight,[8] related to Odium,[9] and that "it is what the third book (Oathbringer) implies it is."[1]

Before giving Eshonai a sphere, Gavilar tells her that slaveform came about after an "ancient, crucial spren" was captured.[2] The Urithiru gem archive refers to the Bondsmith Melishi planning to capture an Unmade[10] to deny the use of Voidlight and Forms of Power.[11][12] A "strike team" (presumably of Knights Radiant in support of Melishi) was subsequently sent to imprison Ba-Ado-Mishram, whom the Radiants believed to be the source of Voidlight.[13][12] Based on the fate of Nergaoul in Oathbringer, this could mean that Ba-Ado-Mishram is trapped in the spheres.



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