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Focus Forms
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

ChayShan is a manifestation of Investiture on Sel.

Shuden claims that ChayShan is simply a way to focus a warrior's mind and body before battle[1], but he later uses it while fighting Dakhor monks[2]. ChayShan is practiced via a meditative martial arts style that appears to focus on speeding up motions and gaining power from them,[3] which then appears to draw upon the Dor. As all the Investitures on Sel are form based,[4] it is quite possible that the different forms and moves of the ChayShan are what determines what powers a practitioner is using. So far, the only known people who use ChayShan are JinDo,[1] so it is possible that this Investiture can only be used by people who are of that race.

A person using ChayShan moves their body in specific circular patterns, slowly gaining in speed.[1] The person continuously keeps their hands and legs moving. They move as though they are "struggling against some unseen force" with their muscles tensed. The leaps and arm motions of ChayShan seem similar to a dance. When the Dor is actually being accessed, a dim glow is visible in the wake of the motions of the limbs of the practitioner.[2]


One of the abilities that appear to be granted by ChayShan is an enormous amount of strength.[2] Someone performing ChayShan is capable of breaking the ribs of a Dakhor monk and hitting one in the head so hard that the spine breaks. When viewed in context of the fact that the Dakhor monks' bones are so incredibly strong that it took Kiin multiple strokes to hack through them with his axe,[5] the strength of someone using ChayShan becomes even more impressive. Another ability that may be granted is vision without the use of one's eyes, as Shuden performs all of his motions in battle with his eyes closed.[2]

Known Users[edit]

  • Shuden is an amateur practitioner, who says he lacks "speed and focus".[1]
  • JinDo warriors


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