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The Coppermind runs a monthly editing push, selecting a set of small articles and some subsections of long articles to be expanded by those who wish to attempt contributing. The first event happened in July 2018.

Each of the articles will have the following yellow notice at the top, and if you edit the page you will see {{objective|date=2019-02}}.

This page is part of the February 2019 objectives!
It is currently unclaimed, add |claim={{subst:REVISIONUSER}} to this template and save before making your changes.

The objectives can be claimed by any user to prevent multiple editors from overwriting each other's work. To claim an article add |claim={{subst:REVISIONUSER}} to the template (it should look like this: {{objective|date=2019-02|claim={{subst:REVISIONUSER}} }}) and save the page. It will then look like this:

This page is part of the February 2019 objectives!
It has been claimed by User: @your-username@, please contact them before doing edits

Current Objectives

See the announcement for more details, and the spreadsheet for claims.

1. Kholinar (currently unclaimed)

Kholinar is a Dawncity, and an extensive sequence in Oathbringer shows it. Though there's a brief summary of what happened in Kholinar in Oathbringer, there's no reference to the riots that happened in Words of Radiance, the geography of the city, information on the windblades, and much more. This needs radical expansion.

2. Navani's history (currently unclaimed)

Here's a Kholin who needs some love. On top of her own credentials, she's connected to just about every important person on Roshar... But judging by her history section, you wouldn't know it!

3. Pattern's history (currently unclaimed)

Shallan's article might be the longest on Coppermind, but her poor Cryptic isn't getting the attention he deserves. This article needs work all around, but let's start with the History.

4. Syl's history (claimed by User: Kalak)

Pattern isn't the only important spren in need of an update. Or, well, most of them do. But Syl is one of the most loveable and important spren that we know. Her history, however, hasn't been touched since Kaladin swore his second Ideal in Way of Kings.

5. Nergaoul (claimed by User: skaa)

This twisted Splinter of Odium single handedly drives Oathbringer's most powerful story while stirring up several wars on the side just for fun, but his article currently consists of two, solitary sentences. If that doesn't fill you with the Thrill, I don't know what will.

6. War of Reckoning (currently unclaimed)

This conflict might be old news on Roshar, but the article is missing a lot of history from Words of Radiance that needs to be filled in.

7. Diagram (group) (currently unclaimed)

This secret organization is pulling strings all over Roshar. We'd like your help filling in what they've been up to in the history section.

8. Azir (currently unclaimed)

Our Vorin bias is showing, I'm afraid. Azir is arguably the most influential nation on Roshar, but their article isn't great. Let's start with the history section, though the whole thing needs attention.

9. Thaylen City (claimed by User: MountainKing)

This ancient Dawncity plays a prominent role on Roshar and in the story of Oathbringer, but the article currently consists of little more than some basic layout descriptions. We could really use some help fleshing out every aspect of this important capital city.

10. Wayne's History (currently unclaimed)

Okay, here's one for somebody who needs a break from Stormlight. Last month we covered Waxillium's history. Now let's do the same for his partner in crime.

Smaller tasks

These are tasks that are much shorter and involve characters that are minor. But hey, minor things are important to have done too! Most of these articles are so short that they will not require separate sections. For short articles, include as much as you can possibly think of about them.

1. Notable Spren

There are several important spren whom we get to know a bit better in Oathbringer that need some work:

2. Gavinor (currently unclaimed)

This poor kid lost both of his parents and his throne in Oathbringer. Least we could do is give him a proper article, right? If you're the kind of person who feels like swears directed at Moash aren't good enough, this might be your next step.

3. Eshonai's history (currently unclaimed)

Eshonai's flashbacks will be here before we know it, so it's important for us to get her history in good shape. The Words of Radiance portion might take a bit of work, but at least the Oathbringer portion is mostly finished already...

5. Tarah (currently unclaimed)

Kaladin finally spared us an actual memory of his former sweetheart!

6. Valley (claimed by User: Farnsworth)

The Valley is no longer a complete mystery! Would somebody like to step up and record what we learned about the place in Oathbringer?

7. Diagram members

Several known members of the Diagram could use an update for Oathbringer:

8. Sons of Honor (currently unclaimed)

The Diagram aren't the only ones up to no good. We could use some help keeping track of the Sons of Honor. We got to see some of their plans in action, and Mraize offered up some spicy details.

9. Wall Guard squadmembers

Another Kaladin squad (Kaladin getting another squad, what's new) from Part Three of Oathbringer. This could be really good to do if you're also doing Siege of Kholinar or Kaladin's Part Three History. These are:

10. Returned

Another one for those of you coming up for breath (heh) after too much Stormlight. There are a few minor Returned who could use some polishing:

When you are totally done with an article, change the text at the bottom from {{stub}} or {{partial}} to {{complete}}.

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