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Featured Article: Feruchemy

A table of Feruchemical metals and their properties by Isaac Stewart

Feruchemy is one of the three prime manifestations of Investiture on Scadrial. The natives of that world consider it one of the three Metallic Arts.

Lore & Background

Feruchemy came into existence contemporaneously with the other Metallic Arts, Allomancy and Hemalurgy, as a result of the interactions between the Shards, Preservation and Ruin, and the planet Scadrial itself. Unlike Allomancy and Hemalurgy however, which are each closely attuned with one of the Shards, Feruchemy is equally attuned to both and represents the balance between them. Feruchemy was also the only art in widespread use prior to the Ascension of the Lord Ruler. The ability to use Feruchemy emerged among the Terris people but due to their insular nature and reluctance to interbreed never spread to the general population of Classical Scadrial. During this time there was a holy order of Feruchemist scholars known as the Worldbringers, who served as teachers bearers of knowledge throughout the world.} Not every Feruchemist was a member however, with many having much more mundane vocations, such as being herders or mountain guides.

During the Ascension of the Lord Ruler every living Feruchemist (although not those with recessive Feruchemical genes), with a few notable exceptions, were transformed into mistwraiths by Rashek, a Terris herdsman and Feruchemist.} Rashek, having discovered Allomancy and transformed himself into a Mistborn and claiming to be the Hero of Ages, declared himself a god and launched a campaign to consolidate the world under his control. As part of this Rashek instituted policies to heavily restrict the Terris people which eventually grew into a breeding program designed to exterminate all genetic traces of Feruchemy. He did this specifically because he feared the prospect of the genes for Feruchemy intermixing with those of Allomancy and potentially creating a rival of comparable power to himself. Despite this the Terris resistance worked tirelessly to thwart the efforts of Rashek, then known as the Lord Ruler, in a variety of ways. The two main avenues of this were tricking the breeders into including people with hidden Feruchemical talents, in order to ensure their continuation in the population, and the formation of the Keepers an order of Feruchemists dedicated to finding and securing knowledge from before the Lord Ruler's rise to power.

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