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Holder Unknown
Slivers None
Splinters Spren
Status Whole
Residence Unknown
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Cultivation is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium.[1] The Shard's Vessel is female.[1] She is located on Roshar, and originally came to that planet with Honor, before Odium arrived there.[2] She is still alive,[3][4] and was romantically involved with Honor.[5] Hoid mentions to Adolin that she is the only woman on Roshar who is anywhere close to his own age, and that she never liked him.[6] Though it is not the Vessel's real name, Hoid calls her Slammer.[7]


Honor says that Cultivation is much better at seeing the future than he was.[1] Also able to grant boons similar to the Nightwatcher. This power is shown when she grants Dalinar a boon of forgetting his wife.


Spren are either of Cultivation, of Honor, or a combination of the two.[8]

In Words of Radiance, mankind is referred to by some spren as 'sons of Honor'. This could suggest that Spren are not part of Honor.

It has been theorized that Cultivation is the reason why Shinovar is so strange compared to the rest of Roshar.

Something about her presence on Roshar, be it intentional or otherwise, makes it easier for animal life there to attain a degree of sentience.[9]

Theories and Speculation[edit]

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Old Magic and the Nightwatcher[edit]

With the lack of information on Cultivation, speculation runs rampant of what her influence may be. With Honor dead and Splintered, as well as Odium's influence in the Voidbringers, it is possible Cultivation or one of her servants is the Nightwatcher, and that she is responsible for the Old Magic. As the Nightwatcher is referred to as both male[10] and female,[11] its gender cannot be used to prove a connection to Cultivation.

Further support for this connection is found in Interlude 9 of Words of Radiance Lift. Wyndle specifically refers to her going to the old magic and receiving his mother's blessing. In chapter 3 of Words of Radiance, the dichotomy of spren is discussed. Honor is connected to spren of emotion. Cultivation is connected to spren that represent forces. The conclusion can be made that the Nightwatcher is the Cognitive Realm manifestation of Cultivation.

Name of Holder[edit]

It was speculated that Reya, who was said to have shed a single tear and had a star named after it, may be the name of Cultivation's holder, however Brandon and Peter confirm that she is important for a different reason.[12] Hoid calls her "Slammer", albeit this is also not what she's called.[7]


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