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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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In Alethi Vorinism Damnation is the third part in a three-tier religious order to the universe.

The Tranquiline Halls, where mankind used to reside, is paradise. The Voidbringers cast mankind down to Roshar, which exists in between the Halls and Damnation. Damnation is a place of eternal fires and torture, where evil men are cast by the Almighty after they die and where the Voidbringers were forged from hatred. The Heralds are supposedly in damnation currently. This would explain why Talenelat'Elin, Herald of war, appears so exhausted when he finally appears on Roshar to speak to Wit.

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Damnation is likely based on Braize, a planet in the Roshar system. Odium, the Shard of hate, resides there.[1] Odium's presence by way of investiture, is felt throughout all of Roshar.[1] As Odium is the shard of hate, and Odium's goal is to destroy other shards[2], it makes sense that Braize would become a religious symbol of a very evil place.

Curse Word[edit]

The word "Damnation" is often used as a curse word, throughout all of Roshar, as opposed to other less generic words that are only used in certain nations.[3]


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