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Spouse Kiin
Children Lukel, Adien, Kaise, Daorn
Nationality Arelish
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

Daora is an Arelish woman on Sel.

She is married to Kiin and her children are Lukel, Adien, Kaise, and Daorn.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She has a strong sharp face and auburn hair.[1] Sarene considers her to be the embodiment of aristocratic virtue.[2]


Sarene first meets her when Kiin invites his niece around for dinner. She is introduced to the family and Sarene is surprised that Kiin cooks and that they have no servants.[1]

She is with Sarene, Eshen, during their needlepoint session, and discusses

She kept her and the children safe during the invasion of Arelon.[3]


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