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World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Frostlands are the lawless, sparsely populated[1] southeastern lands of Roshar. They are located outside the boundaries of Alethkar.[2]

Prominent locations in the Frostlands include Kharbranth, the Unclaimed Hills, the Shattered Plains, Dawn's Shadow, New Natanan, and the Shallow Crypts.

Map of the Frostlands


Rockbuds in the Frostlands grow smaller than those in warmer areas; they never get bigger than a fist and do not open all the way. Grass grows in patchy portions on the leeward side of rocks, with spiky short blades rather than long wavy blades.[3]


The Frostlands seem to be unusually cold, and offer little protection against Highstorms.


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