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Invasion of Arelon

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The invasion of Arelon took place on the planet of Sel just before Raoden and Sarene were crowned king and queen of Elantris.

Under the instructions of Dilaf, the armies of Wyrn's empire entered Arelon and attacked Elantris and Kae. They slaughtered New Elantrians and citizens of Kae alike and gathered all Elantrians and survivors into New Elantris, where they piled the Elantrians and the Hoed together to burn, and grouped the humans together to go afterwards.[1] A few of the humans took a last stand, but were defeated.

As this happened, Raoden was taken to the Pool by Galladon and Karata, after being mortally wounded. He resisted the Pool's release and ran down to Elantris to fix the Aon it represents. As a result, the Elantrians' Reod completed, and they started beating the invaders back.

Dilaf kidnapped Sarene and, with Hrathen, jumped to Teoin, where King Eventeo waited to surrender. Raoden followed and the battle of Teoin began.


History of Sel
Fall of the Duladel Republic Invasion of Arelon Battle of Teoin
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