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Final Empire: A Mistborn board game is a forthcoming table-top board game under development by Crafty Games, the makers of the Mistborn Adventure Game, due out in 2017.[1] It was designed by Kevin Wilson.[2]
Become the head of a Great House of Luthadel in this game of negotiation and betrayal, set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn novels. Contend with myriad problems plaguing the Final Empire — rampaging koloss, disease, social unrest, even the heroes of the novels — and with every step jockey for the Lord Ruler's favor. At the end of the story will you rise to power and prestige, or fall in ruin and disgrace?
—Teaser description[2]


Players assume the role of a Noble house and must solve problems in concert while trying to earn the most Favor with the Lord Ruler. There are six resources, Food, Money, Prestige, Skaa, Warriors, and Atium (which serves as a wildcard). There are also two types of cards. Personality cards, which players can use for a variety of effects, such as reducing the resource requirements of the second type of card, Problem cards. Problem cards are scenarios that the players must solve to earn "Favor", and if they fail to do so negative repercussions occur including the awarding of "Disgrace" (negative Favor) or the "Unrest" level being raised. Each House earns different resources forcing them to work together in order to solve Problems.[1]

The game ends when a special Problem card, Vin, is either solved or "erupts" or the Unrest level reaches 8. If the game ends with Unrest below 8 then the player with the most Favor wins, if the game ends with Unrest at 8 or higher the player with the least Favor wins.

Playable Houses:


Crafty Games announced development of a Mistborn-themed board game on March 22, 2015.[3] Brandon, not being an extensive board gamer required them to bring in with a "proven track record" in the industry as he could not himself do quality control in the same way he could with the Mistborn Adventure Game.[4] A Kickstarter for the game was launched on June 15, 2016 that raised $339,973.[1]


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