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Capital Stormseat[1]
Era Silver Kingdoms
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Natanatan was one of the Silver Kingdoms on Roshar.

It was also known as the Granite Kingdom and the area became the Unclaimed Hills and the Shattered Plains. Natanatan is the easternmost region of Roshar. [2]

The Natan people had pale blue skin, wide noses and wool-like white hair.[3]

The Natan people's blue skin is a result of their Aimian ancestors.[4]

The Shattered Plains are in the region once known as Natanatan.


Natanatan was one of the original Silver Kingdoms. After the Hierocrachy, Natanatan was one of the five Vorin kingdoms along with Thaylenah, Alethelah, Jah Keved, and Kharbranth. Centuries before the current events of the Stormlight Archive, the kingdom fell for reasons unknown.

One of Dalinar's first visions, in which he fights off Re-Shephir's midnight essence, takes place in Natanatan during the Eighth Epoch.

According to Hoid, the Natan people used to farm the entire region.

In the present day, according to Jasnah's book on Gavilar's first meeting with the Parshendi, there are still native Natan people in the region, characterized by their "pale bluish skin, wide noses, and wool-like white hair." However, outside of the city of New Natanatan, the region is still largely unexplored and described as "overgrown wilderness."

In one of the Oathbringer interludes, a lighthouse keeper named Puuli ponders whether the Everstorm heralds the time his grandfather had warned of, "the time of changes, when the men from the hidden island of the Origin at last came to reclaim Natanatan."

New Natanatan[edit]

The city-state of New Natanatan, located on the easternmost coast of Roshar, is referred to various times throughout the Stormlight Archive. Navani describes New Natanatan as a "dead kingdom that had been reduced to a single city-state on the eastern coast of Roshar with a few other cities as protectorates."[5] New Natanatan appears to still be one of the seats of Vorin power, as Kadash mentions that one of the leaders of Vorinism is based there,[6] and Dalinar overhears an argument between a Natan ardent and another diplomat. As of the end of Oathbringer, Dalinar has not managed to bring them into his coalition, but the Natan ambassador is present at meetings in Urithiru.[7]


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