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Spouse Rem
Died [1]
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Ned is a resident of Urithiru on Roshar. He drunkenly strangles his wife and the murder is imitated by Re-Shephir.[1][2]


Ned lives in the Sadeas warcamp on the Shattered Plains and relocates to Urithiru after the Battle of Narak. His wife Rem follows him to Urithiru.[1]

He is known to be an extremely angry drunk to Betha and the other patrons of All's Alley.[1] They are not surprised when he strangles Rem after she tries to take him home from the bar one night. The next day, one of the barmaids at All's Alley was killed in the exact same way.[1] Betha's group of thugs are paid to "protect" the bar, and they assume that Ned is also behind the second murder and has to be killed as a security threat.[1] Ur, one of Betha's associates, drops Ned off a high plateau despite his denial of murdering the barmaid.[1] Shallan later realizes that the copycat murder was the work of the Unmade Re-Shephir.[2]


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