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Oathgate Locations.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Within a heartbeat, Alezarv was there, crossing a distance that would have taken more than four months to travel by foot.
— Another folktale, this one recorded in Among the Darkeyed, by Calinam. Page 102. Stories of instantaneous travel and the Oathgates pervade these tales.[1]

The Oathgates are structures on Roshar that allow people to instantaneously teleport from one location to another.

These fabrials manipulate the Surge of Transportation. There are hints that the Oathgates were responsible for the near-instantaneous travel possible during the Heraldic Epochs and were one of the only ways to reach Urithiru. They could only be activated by living Shardblades, as wielded by the Knights Radiant,[2] or Honorblades.[3] Transportation of more than one person through the gates required use of more Stormlight than what is provided by the ten gemstone lanterns within.[4]


The Oathgates are located on a round platform in Roshar's most ancient cities. There is an Oathgate control building in the center of the platform. Once the fabrial is activated by a Radiant, either the entire platform, or just the control building can be transported to the destination. The activation of the Oathgate swaps the structure on one side with the structure on the other.

Due to the ancient nature of the Oathgates, their purpose has been forgotten. Many of the Oathgate platforms are covered in buildings, or are thought to be ceremonial structures.

Location of Oathgates[edit]

There are ten Oathgate platforms outside the plain at Urithiru. Each Oathgate transports to a location in each of the ten ancient Silver Kingdoms.

Shattered Plains[edit]

The Oathgate in the Shattered Plains is the first Oathgate that was discovered and activated by the Alethi during the Battle of Narak. The Oathgate was originally in the ancient city of Stormseat.[2]


The Alethkar Oathgate is located in the city of Kholinar and is attached to Kholinar Palace by a bridge. The Oathgate platform is covered in building structures.[5] The spren in the Oathgate were corrupted and instead of transporting to Urithiru, it transported to Shadesmar.[6]


The Thaylenah Oathgate is located in Thaylen City. The Oathgate is located at the top of the hill city and connected by a path to the Royal Ward.


The Azimir Oathgate is located in the city of Azir. It is in the center of the Grand Market and housed under a bronze dome.[7]

Jah Keved[edit]

The Jah Keved Oathgate is located in the city of Vedenar.


The Oathgate in Aimia is believed to have been lost during the Scouring of Aimia.

Rall Elorim[edit]

The Iri Oathgate is located in the city of Rall Elorim.


The Oathgate in Rira is located in an unknown location. Jasnah Kholin believes the Oathgate was in the City of Kurth.


The Oathgate in Babatharnam is located in its capital city of Panatham.


There is believed to be an Oathgate in an unknown location in Shinovar.


Oathgate Spren by Ben McSweeney.

In Shadesmar the Oathgates are represented by a flat white marble platform the size of the Oathgate control building. The platform is guarded by two enormous guardian spren, one black, one white.

During the Battle of Kholinar Shallan Davar attempted to activate the Kholinar Oathgate to transport survivors back to Urithiru. Prior to the activation she saw a reflection of the Unmade Sja-anat warning her that the Oathgate was corrupted. When Shallan activated the Oathgate she and her party were transported into Shadesmar and landed on the Oathgate platform.[6]

After the party traveled through Shadesmar to the Oathgate at Thaylen City Shallan was unable to activate the Oathgate and the guardian spren could not be convinced to allow her to.[8]


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