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Type Greatshell island
Sapient Yes
Native to Reshi Sea
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Words of Radiance

Relu-na is a Tai-na in the Reshi Sea on Roshar. A greatshell the size of an island, she is worshipped as a god by her inhabitants.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Like other Tai-na, Relu-na has grown to extraordinary size due to a spren bond[1] related to her gemheart[2] that allows her body to defy the laws of physics.[3][4] Tai-na are able to grow larger than terrestrial greatshells due to their aquatic habitat,[5] although they technically could survive on land.[1] One of Relu-na's eyes is described as a "the size of a house" and it is situated more than fifty feet from the top of her head.[6] Rysn believes that Relu-na is as large as a town.[7] She is referred to as female by Gu.[6]

Relu-na's shell has the appearance of a mountainous island jutting out from the ocean with no beach.[6] She is not immediately identifiable as a living being, but when she moves it becomes easier to see that she has legs.[6] She has stony skin covered with an array of plant life including moss, trees, shalebark, and rockbuds.[6] The plants grow as thick as a jungle or forest over most of the shell, but relatively few plants grow on the head.[6] The shell has protrusions near the waterline that are used as docks by the residents of the island; stairs have also been cut into the shell.[6] The sea is unusually warm near Relu-na and Rysn compares the water to that of the Purelake.[6]

Relu-na appears to be ancient,[6] as Tai-na are very long-lived.[8] The natives feed Relu-na fruit, but only as a treat; they do not divulge her primary food source.[6]


The Tai-na are sentient, and the Reshi people believe that they are also sapient and capable of decision-making. Gu mentions that when two Tai-na approach each other, they decide what will happen next - a war, or something "good".[6] In an attempt to gain the trust of the natives, Rysn climbs down a rope and attempts to address Relu-na directly, but falls when the rope snaps.[6] Vstim later tells her that the island's spren saved her life.[6] Rysn says she was trying to gain respect after Vstim and Talik repeatedly insisted that Relu-na places a great deal of value on boldness; after her bold yet reckless act, the island somehow gifts her a larkin.[6]


The residents of the island often refer to the Tai-na as gods, and they believe that they live to serve and please Relu-na.[6] Many of the inhabitants are somewhat carefree and spend much of their time swimming or high diving, usually in the nude.[6] Some residents are combative, but in both battle and trade they are prone to posturing.[6] The island has soldiers and a king (who may be of either gender) who lead them in skirmishes against other islands.[6] Vstim notes that people from other parts of Roshar who want to lead simple lives sometimes migrate to the Tai-na, and are only allowed to stay if they give all of their possessions to the king.[6] The islanders are not primitive, but do not have a great deal of contact with the outside world, and will therefore only trade with those that they respect and trust to be fair.[6] Some Reshi travel to other parts of Roshar for education and training.[6]


  • Axies the Collector visits Relu-na[6] as part of his ongoing spren research.[9] Axies believes that the Tai-na may have a unique type of spren (sometimes referred to as the "souls" of the islands).[6] However, the inhabitants do not like to discuss this subject, and they bind his feet and hang him upside-down.[6]


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