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Abilities instantaneous communication to and through other Seons
Appearance glowing, floating spheres with Aons at their core
Magic AonDor, Splinters of Devotion
World Sel
Featured In Elantris
You look at things as a human, young master. You see rank and distinction; you try to order the world so that everything has a place either above you or beneath you. To a Seon, there is no above or beneath. There are only those we love. And we serve those we love.
Ien to Raoden[1]

Seons are magical servants of unknown origin on Sel. They take the form of floating orbs, each with a glowing Aon at their core that they are named for. Seons are always loyal to their masters. Seons act as advisors and provide face-to-face communication with other people via a link with other Seons. They also live for a very long time. For instance, Ashe has served Sarene's family for over two centuries.[2] Seons can be Passed from one person to another. Usually this occurs within families[2], but they can be passed to anyone.[3] It is possible for a Seon to abandon a master, though the mechanics for doing so are unclear.[4] The bond between a Seon and its master is similar to the Nahel bond between a Surgebinder and a spren.[5]

During the time of the Reod, a Seon whose master fell victim to the Shaod lost sentience and made its way to Elantris where it proceeded to wander aimlessly and silently. Infrequently, a Reod Seon might show some unconscious recognition of its Elantrian master, but only through classically conditioned actions, not communication. Additionally, if closely inspected, the Aon of a Seon who had lost its master to the Shaod would appear to be patchy and incomplete.[6]

After the restoration of Elantris's magic and the completion of the Shaod, the Seons recovered their sanity and returned to their former state, though they were unable to remember the time they passed while the Shaod was incomplete.

Seons cannot be harmed by regular swords (and presumably other mundane weapons).[7]

Similar to spren, Seons can turn into Shardblades if they have something to pull them more into the Physical Realm.[8] Their appearance in the Cognitive Realm also looks different from their appearance in the Physical Realm.[9]

The origin of the Seons is under investigation at the end of Elantris. Seons were first created at around the same time as the Splintering of Devotion and Dominion.[10]

Notable Seons[edit]


  • Brandon Sanderson confirmed that the Aons inside the Seons are Splinters of Devotion.[11]
  • In an earlier draft of Elantris, Seons possessed the ability to 'complete' their Aons a single time, creating the effect their Aon is used for in AonDor, and killing the Seon[12]. Ien targeted this ability on Dilaf, 'healing him'; since Ien's Aon was still incomplete, this turned Dilaf into a fallen Elantrian[13].


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