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This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

Shardpool is a non-canon term used to describe liquid Investiture of a Shard. The liquid is often collected into a pool of oddly colored water, these pools can appear on any planet that a Shard has stayed on for an extended length of time, though there is at least one Shard whose Shardpool is not on a planet they currently inhabit[1]. Shardpools are one kind of Perpendicularity.

Known Pools[edit]

Well of Ascension

This pool is connected to the Shard of Preservation and was originally located high in the mountains, then later located under the city of Luthadel.

Pits of Hathsin

The Pits of Hathsin are not a true pool, the pool exists under the pits. This Pool is connected to the power of the Shard of Ruin. The Pits feed off the pool located below them to create atium, the solid form of Ruin's Power.[2] Before the Lord Ruler's ascension, the pool was located above ground, as a black lake high in the Terris mountains.[3][4]

Devotion's Shardpool

This pool is found near the city of Elantris and is a location for Elantrians to go to die. This pool does not yet have a unique name associated with it and seems to have gained intelligence on its own. It is capable of dissolving people placed in it.

Patji's Eye

Is a natural manifestation of Investiture and is much smaller than most others.[5]

Horneater Oceans

Hoid appears to have used this as a perpendicularity. Possibly the same as the Pool near Elantris.[6]

Alternate uses[edit]

Shardpools can be used by some people to worldhop.[7]


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It is also thought that there is a Shardpool somewhere underground near Hallandren in Nalthis, which allows the Tears of Edgli to grow.

In the The House Record a "visitor from other worlds" with a hideous face is described being near a pool in the mountains south of the Southern Roughs.[8] This pool seems likely to be a shardpool, and the visitor is likely Iyatil.


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