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World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Dysian Aimians, also known as Sleepless[1], are a sentient race found on Roshar.

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Dysian Aimians can perform even more extreme modifications to their physiology than Siah Aimians, because their bodies are made up of many cremling-like creatures called "hordelings" that they can breed to perform whatever function they need (e.g., storing memories or growing extra sensory organs). These hordelings can separate from the main body to act as remote agents and can also be used as backup minds to store memories.[2] However, a hordeling that gets too physically far from the others can lose contact with the main mind, and affect its Cognitive aspect.[3] There is a limit on both the total mass and number of cremlings a Sleepless can have at any given time.[4]

Because they can continually create new hordelings to replace any that are lost, the Sleepless can live forever, as long as not too many of the hordelings are destroyed at once.[5]

The Sleepless we have seen so far as individuals have tried to pass as humans, though they find it extremely difficult to perfectly mimic humans.[2] Most other Sleepless are barely humanoid at all, however.[6]


At least one Dysian Aimian may have fought during Aharietiam, as Dalinar Kholin notices a heap of burned, strange cremlings in one of his visions.[7] It is not clear from the vision which side the Aimian fought on, if indeed it was one, but Arclo says that the ancient Knights Radiant considered him to be an ally in the days before Aharietiam.[2] The blurbs on the back covers of the Stormlight Archive books, which are written from an in-universe Sleepless perspective[8], indicate that other Dysians were also on the side of the Knights Radiant and have even held Surges, though it is not known whether all Dysians were on the same side. The blurbs also show that, in the modern day, the Sleepless are carefully watching Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Szeth, Eshonai, and Venli, believing them to be crucial to the future of Roshar.[9][10]

Notable Dysian Aimians[edit]

Brandon Sanderson has indicated that appearances of cremlings in particular places may indicate the presence of a Dysian Aimian; some such sightings have been directly confirmed by him.

  • Lift meets a Sleepless named Arclo in Yeddaw on the evening of the Everstorm's arrival.[2] She also sees several cremlings beforehand that may be Arclo's hordelings.[11][12]
  • A Sleepless posing as a cook travels with an expedition to Aimia, where she poisons the entire crew prior to landfall before killing Kaza in person. The Sleepless appear to be guarding Aimia or Akinah and certain secrets contained there.[13]
  • Hoid delivers a monologue to a hordeling while waiting for Jasnah to Elsecall after her time in Shadesmar.[14][15]
  • Kaladin notices a deep purple hordeling on one of Tvlakv's carts.[16][17]

Unconfirmed sightings[edit]

  • Shallan sketches a cremling in the gardens at her family manor.[18]
  • Mraize shoots a cremling on a tree while meeting with Shallan.[19]
  • Dalinar comes across a cremling while looking for Talenel in the warcamps.[20]
  • Kaladin notices a strange cremling on a table in a stormshelter in Kholinar.[21]


  • The Sleepless were inspired by the Tines in A Fire Upon the Deep, but can spread their members farther apart.[22][23]
  • The Sleepless will play a major role in Mistborn Era 4.
  • A hordeling could gain or lose something via Hemalurgy, but that would cause it to disconnect from the main hive mind.[24]
  • Sleepless have traveled to different worlds in their past, presumably by Worldhopping.[25]


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