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Sons of Honor

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Sons of Honor
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Sons of Honor are a secretive group on Roshar. Their goal is to return the dominance of the Vorin church. They seem to be at odds with the Ghostbloods, who investigate and try to assassinate Amaram.[1]


Like the Envisagers[2], they believe that by returning the Voidbringers they will cause the Heralds to return as well. The Sons of Honor believe this will usher in a new era of Vorin dominance.[1]


Amaram's letter to Restares[edit]

I can only conclude that we have been succesful, Restares. The reports from Dalinar's army indicate that Voidbringers were not only spotted, but fought. Red eyes, ancient powers. They have apparently unleashed a new storm upon this world.

I do not exult in this success. Lives will be lost. It has ever been our burden as the Sons of Honor. To return the Heralds, to return the dominance of the Church, we had to put the world into a crisis.

That crisis we now have, a terrible one. The Heralds will return. How can they not, with the problems we now face? But many will die. So very many. Nalan send that it is worth the loss. Regardless, I will have more information soon. When I next write you, I hope to do so from Urithiru.
— Amaram's letter to Restares[1]


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