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A Splinter is a specific type of fragment of a Shard's power.

What are Splinters?[edit]

Though Brandon has not stated the complete definition of what a Splinter is, in a way they are qualitative opposites of Slivers. Whereas Slivers are people who have been influenced by Shardic power, a Splinter is a thing that has never been human.[1] One distinguishing factor of a Splinter is that they often have an intent, separate from their Shards'.[2] Splinters are a blend of more the spiritual and cognitive and less the physical.[3]

Known Splinters[edit]

Examples of Splinters are Honorspren (Splinters of Honor)[4], the Unmade (Splinters of Odium)[5], the Divine Breath that Returned hold (Splinters of Endowment)[6], and the Aons inside of Seons (Splinters of Devotion)[7].

This indicates that there are Splinters on Roshar, Sel and Nalthis. Whether or not there are more, on other Shardworlds, is unknown.

No Splinters on Scadrial[edit]

Lerasium and atium--despite being condensed essences of their Shards--are not Splinters, so there are no Splinters in Mistborn.[1]


It is not clear how Splinters are formed, though it appears a Shard must actively create one. Endowment seems to be able to form them at will for Returned. Odium traveled to Sel and Splintered Devotion and Dominion.[8] Since Odium killed Tanavast,[9] the holder of Honor, Honor was Splintered as well.[10]


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