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by Isaac Stewart
Shards Autonomy
Investitures Sand mastery
System Taldain System[1]
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Taldain is a planet in the cosmere upon which the story of White Sand is set.

Taldain is a tidally locked planet--one side experiencing perpetual day and the other locked in endless night--located in the Taldain System.

Autonomy, a Shard of Adonalsium, resides on Taldain.[2]

Taldain is currently inaccessible.[3]


The Dayside has one roughly circular landmass, surrounded on all sides by ocean. There are six nations on the Dayside of Taldain; Kerzta, Lossand, Denka, Seevis, Nor'Tallon and Tallon. There is a mountain range on the eastern side of the landmass, which runs through Nor'Tallon and borders Seevis and Tallon. A mountain named KraeDa lies at the center of Dayside.[4]

Much of Dayside is covered in sand and rock. Fauna such as sandlings and other sand animals inhabit the areas known as the deep sands. Tonks are a type of domesticated animal on Dayside, used as mounts. The Dorim vine is a plant used as a water source on Dayside, and areas where they grow are not considered to be desert.

Some of the inhabitants of the Dayside, known as sand masters, can animate sand and make it attack and defend as needed.

Many Daysiders feel a spiritual bond with their sun, and some, such as the Kerztians, worship it.[5]


Darksiders have their own unique abilities and must wear dark lenses when visiting the Dayside. Darkside is illuminated primarily by UV light, the flora having adapted to utilize this section of the electromagnetic spectrum. This causes Darksiders to have illuminated teeth, eyes, and nails. It also accounts for why Darksiders have dark skin when they don't live in a traditional climate for high melanin content.

Darkside is more technologically and scientifically advanced than the Dayside, having invented weapons such as guns and explosives.[6]

The people on Darkside speak a language known as Dynastic.[7]


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