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Spouse Atara
Children Shaor
Died In a duel with Eondel
Titles Duke, King of Arelon
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

Telrii was an Arelish man from Sel. He was lean and had a strong posture, but overindulged to the point where it affected his looks. A massive purple birthmark sits across the left side of his face. He wore garish clothing and a plethora of jewels on his person. He was quite a frivolous spender with a poor financial sense.[1]He possessed a stately air and calm face[2]

The only reason he managed to attain such a high rank of duke and a great amount of personal wealth in the first place is due to inheriting his brother's estate upon the latter's death, his brother having been a much better merchant.[3]

When Sarene began her incursions into Elantris to hand out food, Telrii joined but made no effort to do any work himself, instead bringing along a manservant[4]

Raoden never cared much for Telrii, having once invited him to join his group of conspirators only for Telrii to yawn casually and ask him how much he was willing to pay for his support.[4]

He had one daughter, Soine, who had never grown out any hair and thus he had a blonde wig made for her. When the Shaod took her over two years before the events of Elantris, he covered it up, instead claiming that she had died due to an illness known as Dionia.[5]

He ascended to the Arelish throne after King Iadon's death, and conspired with the Derethi for monetary support in exchange for his support in converting Arelon. However upon taking the throne, Telrii decided to renege on the deal with Hrathen, refusing to officially convert to Shu-Dereth unless made into a gyorn; otherwise he would be under the whims of any Derethi priest, and he knew a gyorn would be considered higher than even a monarch.[6]

He was killed by Eondel in a duel just before the invasion of Arelon, in retaliation for the death of one of Raoden's conspirators.[7][8]


Preceded by
King of Arelon
Succeeded by
Raoden & Sarene
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