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Holder Tanavast
Slivers Stormfather[1]
Splinters Spren
Status Splintered
Shardpool Honor's Perpendicularity
Magics Surgebinding[2]
Residence Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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I am . . . I was . . . God. The one you call the Almighty, the creator of mankind. And now I am dead. Odium has killed me. I am sorry.
—Honor to Dalinar[3]

Honor is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium. The original Vessel of Honor was called Tanavast, but following his death, Honor was Splintered.[4]


Honor seeks to uphold oaths and agreements, and to make things binding.

Associated magic[edit]

It is currently unknown how many types of magic are practiced on Roshar; Surgebinding stems from Honor and is powered by Stormlight, which comes from Honor. It has ten types ('Surges'), which derive from some combination of Honor and Cultivation; it is known that some favor Honor and others Cultivation, though whether or not some are entirely Honor or entirely Cultivation is still speculation.


Honor is commonly known on Roshar as God, the Almighty, the creator of mankind. It is suspected that he was in some way responsible for the Oathpact that bind his Heralds to fight the Voidbringers. Sometime after the event referred to as the Last Desolation, he was Splintered by Odium.[4] However, before his death, Honor left behind a "journal" of sorts—a series of visions—to warn of what he fears to come, the True Desolation.[5]

The Almighty is said to have ten names, the last being the most holy. Kaladin swears upon this name when promising the return of his little brother Tien to his parents. It is likely this tenth name is the same as the name only the ardents may use.

After the "Last Desolation" and the betrayal of the Radiants, it is said that the Almighty was cast out of the Tranquiline Halls, and left to reside in the hearts of men.[citation needed] This is the reason for the ardentia. They help the faithful hone the skills of their devotary. These devotions are the task each person chooses, or is given, that will be used during their afterlife to aide in the battle to return the Tranquiline Halls to the Almighty. The most important and common is that of warrior, though the skills range from cooking to music to crafting and various others, warriors are needed the most to fight the forces of Damnation. The usefulness of some of the skills during a battle in the spiritual realm is called into question by a few characters, for instance, being a great cook for an army who will not need to eat, seems a little useless.

The Almighty's relationship to the highstorms is unclear. The name Stormfather is used as the name for the deity that controls, or creates the highstorms. It's now known that the Stormfather is a self-proclaimed cognitive shadow of Honor.[6] The visions given to Dalinar are messages from the Almighty that the Stormfather was charged with delivering at the right time.[7] The Stormfather also refers to Syl as his daughter.[8]

During Dalinar's final vision, he asks who the person speaking to him is, the person responds, "I am, I was the Almighty, but Odium has killed me."[3]

According to Syl, mankind brought Odium to Roshar, but turned from him to Honor.[citation needed]


Honor was also known as the Almighty; worshiped as a god and creator of mankind by Vorin peoples. He was also known as Elithanathile, a name only the ardents were allowed to use for the Almighty.[9] He may not be the creator of mankind, however, since Syl revealed that Odium was its first god before turning to Honor.

He had another name, allowed to pass only the lips of ardents. Elithanathile. He Who Transforms.
—Shallan's thoughts[9]


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