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World Roshar
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Truthless is the lowest caste division amongst the people of Shinovar. A Truthless is a slave to anyone who holds his Oathstone. A Truthless is no longer bound by the tenets of his faith, but rather is obligated to obey the commands of his master in all things except for taking his own life and giving up his Shardblade.[1] To be made a Truthless is possibly the worst punishment for a Shin, for one would have to bear the guilt of all the deeds that he/she is commanded to do.

The Oathstone itself has no magic or Investiture.[2][3]

Although most outsiders find Truthless of great worth, as they do whatever their masters tell them, they are considered worthless by the Shin, and Shin cannot accept any payment for trading a Truthless.

When a Truthless dies the Stone Shamans of Shinovar will come to reclaim his Shardblade.[4] The only known Truthless is Szeth-son-son-Vallano.


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