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by Isaac Stewart
Dominance Northern Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Urteau was the capital city of the Northern Dominance in the Final Empire.[1]

It was known for its "streetslots," dried up canals that served as streets.[2] It was the ancestral home of House Venture.[3]

After the fall of the Lord Ruler, Quellion, also known as the Citizen, seized power by invoking Kelsier's authority as Lord of the Mists.[2]

It was the location of one of the Lord Ruler's storage caverns.[2]

Unlike the other cities in the Final Empire, Urteau had a rich nightlife. This was because Quellion ruled by invoking Kelsier, who had said that the mists wouldn't hurt people and because Quellion himself preached that the mists were of Kelsier. Thus, not a lot could be done to prevent the nightlife.[4]


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