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About me[edit]

Hi! I loved fantasy books as a kid but stopped reading them for many years until a friend introduced me to Jordan's Wheel of Time series. He also recommended Sanderson's works, which I started reading shortly after The Way of Kings was released.

I throughly enjoy Brandon's writing style and have read all of his published cosmere works plus the available non-canon/pseudo-canon works like Aether of Night, the prologue to Emperor's Soul, and the prose version of White Sand. I've also read some of his other work such as the Reckoners series.

After finishing Oathbringer, I realized how often I referred to the Coppermind and decided to make an account to help out when I can! I have been editing Wikipedia for almost thirteen years so I am quite familiar with MediaWiki markup and other conventions.

I lurk on the Cosmere and Stormlight Archive subreddits and pop into the Coppermind Discord now and again.