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Hey there. I'm Joe, one of the Coppermind's Administrators, if you have any issues or problems, please feel free to question me on my talk page. I have a website which lists how you can get hold of me, if I don't reply quickly enough (which is unlikely since I'm ALWAYS on here >.>, proof).


Word lists[edit]

Alcatraz · Reckoners · Dreamer · HARRE · Shadows of Self · Bands of Mourning · Edgedancer · Oathbringer · Skyward

Article statuses[edit]

cosmere · Elantris · Emperor's Soul · Mistborn Era 1 (MAG) · Mistborn Era 2 · Stormlight (life · places · characters) · Warbreaker
Other series
Alcatraz · Legion · Reckoners · Rithmatist



An example of awards a user may be given to display on their user page. See /awards for reasons behind the awards and descriptions of when the awards were given.

0 User has contributed 30000 edits to the Coppermind.
5 User has been around for 5 years.
Copper (Feruchemy).svg A Keeper on the Coppermind.
Shash glyph.svg User has contributed art to the wiki.
Obviously these particular awards and their reasons are fairly contrived since I am one of the administrators. But we really hope our users will appreciate the awards we give out.