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by Isaac Stewart
Related to Odium[1]
Prerequisites unknown
Type unknown
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Voidbinding is a prime manifestation of Investiture on Roshar. A Voidbinder can manipulate the Surges[2], much like a Surgebinder, although the effects of the Surges aren't the same as Surgebinding. The Ars Arcanum refers to this as ten different "levels" of Voidbinding, and also states that the ten levels of Voidbinding may be different.[3]


It is currently unknown how one becomes a Voidbinder under normal circumstances. The only known method is bonding with a corrupted Nahel spren, with the only example of this being Renarin Kholin and Glys.[4] It is said, however, that Voidbinding typically originates with the Unmade.[5]

Voidbinding can presumably use Voidlight as a fuel source, but this hasn't been observed so far. It is possible to fuel Voidbinding with Stormlight, however, as Renarin Kholin does.[4]


One of the most common powers associated with Voidbinding is prophecy and foresight.[6][7] According to the ardents, even the Heralds denounced its use. Whether or not this is true or a myth is yet to be seen, although Jasnah believes this to be true. Regardless, in Vorin nations, any type of prediction was taboo because of this.[8] The ardents even worried that Dalinar's visions were connected to Voidbinding, although since the visions come from Honor, that was an unfounded concern.[9]

The Vorin reluctance to guess the future led to the rise of games like breakneck, that don't require directly guessing the future.[8] Many Vorins are distrustful of stormwardens, since they predict when highstorms are going to occur.[10]



The Surge of Illumination, when Voidbound, appears to involve futuresight, as with Renarin's visions. This is likely the reason Voidbinding is often associated with prophecy and foresight.

It's possible this is related to Nightform, one of the forms of power, as they have similar effects.

As with all methods of futuresight in the Cosmere, this Surge involves Fortune.


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There is an ability displayed by one of the Fused at Kholinar which has yet to be confirmed to any one Surge, either Voidish or otherwise. That Fused was able to grow their carapace into a saw blade to cut lumber, while another at the Battle of Thaylen Field grew weapons and armor. It's suspected that this power is either Progression or Cohesion.

Some speculate the sphere Szeth takes from Gavilar in the prologue is related to Voidbinding.

It is currently unknown whether the Fused have access to Voidbinding or Surgebinding. The abilities seen so far are typical of Surgebinding, but that doesn't mean that there aren't Voidbinding Fused, or that the Fused we've seen can't access Voidbinding. Alternatively, the Fused could be using a different system entirely.

Known Voidbinders[edit]


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