White Sand (prose)

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White Sand (prose)
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White Sand (prose) is an unpublished Cosmere novel written by Brandon Sanderson. It is his eighth novel, being a complete re-write of White Sand Prime, the very first novel that he ever wrote. It serves as the basis for a canonical trilogy of graphic novels of the same name, of which two volumes have been published.[1]

Although Brandon no longer sends copies of this version of White Sand to people who request it via email, it is provided via a link in the newsletter to subscribers[2]. He requests that they do not share it or discuss it in a public forum.[3]

The opening sequence of "White Sand" was officially published in the "Arcanum Unbounded" anthology.


This version of White Sand, along with Brandon's two preceding books, Elantris and Dragonsteel Prime, marks the start of Brandon working on the cosmere in earnest.

Brandon has said also said that this version of White Sand helped him get his agent, Joshua Bilmes.


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