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TES - Zu.jpg
by User: Botanicaxu
Profession Soldier
Nationality Striker
World Sel
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Zu is a Striker in the Rose Empire on Sel. He is the captain of the guard in the Rose Palace.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Zu is a young, tall man with a lean musculature and pale skin. He has dark hair which he keeps styled, indicating he doesn't often wear a helmet.[1] He has wide lips.[2]

He is an ambitious man who fancies himself bound for important things in the future.[1] He is simpleminded but very useful when the arbiters need someone killed.[3] He is uncomfortable with Forgery.[4]


Zu is one of the guards ordered to bring Wan ShaiLu before the five arbiters. He shows a great dislike for Shai, promising that he'll eventually kill her[1] because he feels insecure about his failure in capturing her when she steals from the Rose Palace.[5] After she is shown the Emperor Ashravan, he is assigned to oversee the security of Shai's room. He is the only Striker who knows of Ashravan's injury and what the arbiters plan for Shai to do.[6] He personally guards the arbiters that come to visit Shai's room.[4][3]

Once Shai completes her work on the emperor's soul, Zu comes in her room, dismisses the guards inside, then tries to kill her. He manages to wound Shai with his sword but is stopped by the traps Shai set and falls unconscious. When he wakes up, he goes to the Bloodsealer and with the blood Shai left on his sword, they manage to track her again. This time, however, Shai easily bests him using her Shaizan Essence Mark. She breaks his wrist and six of his ribs. He is amazed at her ability.[2] She steals his tall, white, Gurish warhorse to escape; it is worth more than a small house in some parts of the Rose Empire.[7]


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